Solihull Academy


Welcome to Solihull Academy

Our academy opened in April 2018. Solihull needed an additional, alternative solution for a number of students for whom mainstream education was simply not working (for a range of reasons). In our short lifetime thus far we have grown considerably and continue to grow as our provision evolves. We now consist of our main site and provision for year 9-11, The Mercury Centre, The Saturn Centre and The Pathfinder Centre (Year 7-8).

As we have expanded we have continued to recruit committed, passionate and talented staff who ensure a full range of interventions to help change the outcomes of and life chances for our students for the better.

Put bluntly, this is not your run-of-the-mill school. Solihull Academy is a game changer for pupils in the borough who really need the game to change.

Welcome to SAPAT

Stephen SteinhausExecutive Principal

Our Vision

We cannot meet the needs of every child referred to us, yet, but our vision is to continue to expand, innovate and improve so that we have a programme, provision or intervention to meet the needs of and change the future for any child in the borough in danger of “falling thorough the cracks” (Permanent Exclusion, Missing in Education, Self- exclusion/disengagement, etc.)

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