Remote Learning Guidance

Quick Help Guide for Accessing Microsoft Teams

What are we doing to help your child keep learning while at home?

  • We really appreciate your support in helping your child engage with the work set. We know it is very difficult to manage this at home amongst all the other challenges we are facing during this time.
  • If your child is isolating after a positive test or because they have been in close contact with a confirmed case your child’s teachers will email them work at least once a week.
  • If the majority of children in the year group are still in school as usual then the work is most likely to be tasks attached to an email, or links to online learning websites.
  • If there are whole classes/year groups working remotely; because they are isolating, there are staff shortages or if the site is closed, then staff will send links to pre-recorded videos where the work is explained by the class teacher. This means your child can watch them at the time that suits them best and can pause/rewind whenever they need to. They may also be sent tasks and links to other sites. These videos should also work on a smartphone.

What can parents/ carers do to help support remote learning?

  • We want to be careful not to overwhelm the students with too much work at once as we know this can put them off. However please let the school know if at any time if you feel your child would benefit from more work being set and we will arrange this as soon as possible.
  • Please encourage your son/daughter to communicate with their teachers by email to tell them what work they have done and to ask any questions they might have.
  • If accessing emails is problematic (due to technology/passwords etc) please let us know by calling the school and we will find other ways to help your child access their work.
  • If your child has access to a laptop/PC please encourage them to send the work as an attachment so that it can be marked and feedback and praise can be given.
  • If your son/daughter is working with paper they must still email (maybe using a smart phone) their teacher to tell them what has been completed. Taking a photo of the work done and attaching it to an email is really helpful as it allows staff to see how your child is getting on.
  • If you (as the parent) are able to email the work to us this is also appreciated. If you aren’t sure who to email it to please send it to and we will make sure it gets to the right person.

We are issuing reward points for work completed and these add up to give students the opportunity to attend a trip at the end of term. When staff receive work from students they log this, award points and let your child’s head of year know what work they have done.

Information About Remote Learning (Live Interventions)

Live Interventions

Your child may be invited to participate in a live session led by academy staff. You will be informed by email of the details of the session.


Below are some guidelines to help you manage live sessions at home.  The session will take place on Microsoft Teams which your child can access by logging into their onedrive account or by following the link in the email they have been sent.

  1. Please talk to your child to ensure that they understand that if they cannot follow the behaviour guidance given by the staff member at the beginning of the session they will be asked to leave.
  2. If your child chooses to have their camera on please can you ensure that other family members are out of camera shot and do not contribute to the discussion.
  3. Your child will need paper and a pen if it is a subject based intervention.
  4. We advise that pupils don’t join broadcasts from their bedrooms as this is a private space.
  5. If the device is struggling to stream the session please plug in and close all other tabs: video-conferencing uses a lot of machine power. It's a good idea to keep devices plugged into the mains power. It’s also a good idea to minimise the number of devices online in the house whilst the broadcast is in session if that is possible.


Behaviour expectations for Live Sessions on Microsoft Teams

  1. At the start of the lesson students will told the rules for live sessions and must be respectful of staff and other students.
  2. If students choose to have their camera on they must be dressed appropriately for the duration of the video session. This does not need to be school uniform.
  3. Students may have to keep microphones muted and can use the ‘raise hand’ icon or the chat function to tell the staff member that they want to speak, they will be ‘unmuted’.
  4. If this is a subject based intervention they must have some paper and a pen or a pencil ready before the session begins.
  5. Students must not record the session or take any screenshots/photos of the screen.
  6. Students should make sure they are in a public part of their house – living room or kitchen for example and not their bedroom.
  7. Students should agree with the adults in the household where they will be for the duration of the session.




For a printable version, please click on the link below.

Remote Learning Guidance at Solihull Academy

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