Solihull Academy

SA Radio!

Students Take Over the Radio

Students at Solihull Academy have taken over the school speaker system as they launch their individual house radio stations played each lunchtime.

The newly established Centaur, Phoenix and Pegasus houses have embarked on a short term media project to record and air their own radio stations as a part of a taster session for the opportunity to take Media Courses at the Alternate Provision Academy from September 2018.

Some students have already discovered that they have an affinity for talking on the air during the pre-recorded shows, others have enjoyed working on their shows in other ways like coordinating music choices, writing features for the show or using the industry standard recording equipment to provide the tech behind the show.

“It’s been a great experience taking part in the radio show. It’s helped to build my confidence and I’ve learned loads of technical skills to do with recording the show”, said Connor (13), a student at the alternate provision academy.

Once all of the students have taken part in their house projects, the school will be looking to recruit students to take on the radio show long term as a part of the schools built in enrichment programme.

Students choosing to take on Media as a topic in September will have the opportunity to experience film making, photography, digital design and a whole host of digital media skills.