The Science department at Solihull Academy aims to help students recognise the role that science plays in the world around them and the impact it has on their daily lives.

As a department we strive to encourage the questioning of everything around us as well as fostering a love of curiosity. We work to develop our students independence, resilience and confidence in all scientific areas of study whilst promoting the core aims of the school. By supporting students and creating a safe working environment, the science department work to ensure that students are able to engage in hands on activities and enjoy lessons which are embedded in real world problems.

We offer a full catch up of the Key Stage 3 curriculum to our year 9 students before students pick their year 10 options. The Key Stage 4 options provide a more personalised and bespoke curriculum to all students in their qualification choices. We currently run AQA single Science GCSE Biology, AQA Trilogy, Edexcel iGCSE and BTEC Applied Science. The broad selection of choices allows for us to consider the individual needs for students in both their interests and their future career choices. This supports students in achieving their full potential, attaining and surpassing their target baseline grades and accessing their future pathway.

Biology Yr 9

Chemistry Yr 9

Physics Yr 9

BTEC Applied Science - Yr 10

Science Edexcel iGCSE - Yr 10

Science Edexcel iGCSE 2 - Yr 10

Biology - Yr 11

BTEC Applied Science - Yr 11

Science GCSE Combined Triology - Yr 11

Science iGCSE - Yr 11

Science iGCSE Edexcel - Yr 11

Bespoke Inclusive Relational Therapeutic Aspirational