Solihull Academy


The English Language, whether heard, written or spoken, is our primary means of communication.  Our core ethos is to motivate and inspire our students to appreciate the power of the written word. 

The English department is extremely successful with a high percentage of our students sitting their English Language examination at the end of year 10. Our aim is for students to have aspirations beyond their baseline target and see English as a massive benefit in all subject areas across the school. 

We offer an ambitious, effective, inclusive and broad curriculum which considers individual needs and optimises progress for all students from basic skills to GCSE qualifications. Solihull Academy will develop and enhance student knowledge and creativity, promote wider vocabulary and develop resilience when reading more challenging texts. We explore a variety of both fiction, non-fiction and poetry which ensures that our students have the opportunity for developing moral and social awareness and personal growth.  Solihull Academy encourages reflection on the world around them in a meaningful and critical way and increases student cultural capital through exploration of a diverse range of texts.  Our curriculum is engaging and is designed to encourage our students to maximise their potential through the study of both Language and Literature.

Qualifications and pathways offered:

Pearson Edexcel Entry Level Certificate

Cambridge English Language iGCSE

Pearson Edexcel English Literature GCSE

English Year 9

English Year 10

English Year 11 Language and Functional Skills

English Literature Year 11