Solihull Academy

Our Trustees

Current Trustees
Colin Winstone Chair of Trustees
Mark Wilson Vice Chair of Trustees
Richard Adams Business Development
Darren Gelder Teaching; Learning; Outcomes
Samantha Gethen Parent Trustee/SEND
Antonia Kirby Careers, Wellbeing
Marie Murphy Safeguarding
Martin Murphy Pay & Personnel
Craig Russell Behaviour, Discipline
Stephen Steinhaus Executive Principal
Current Members

Mariesue Burgess

Martin Murphy

Colin Winstone

Dr Craig Fees

Board of Trustees’ Hierarchy

Governance Structure

 Board of Trustees’ Attendance at Meetings

 Solihull AP Academy Attendance at meetings 2021/22

Solihull AP Academy Attendance at meetings 2020/21

 Board of Trustees’ Declarations of Interest

 Solihull AP Academy Declarations of Interest 2021/22