Solihull Academy is an alternative free school for students who are showing a level of potential disengagement from mainstream provision ...

The school offers students the opportunity to study a mainstream curriculum, focused on academic subjects, in a much smaller environment than that on offer in Solihull.

The aim of Solihull Academy is to re-engage its students into education and progression to employment, training or further education. It is to ensure students are able to access the same currency of qualifications and enable them to reengage with Post-16 provision. Admission will be through the referral process outlined in this policy. Referrals may be made at any time throughout the year.

Number of Places Available

The School will provide education for 110 students aged 14 – 16.

These places will be a mix of mainly full-time and some part-time places.

Registration Arrangements

Where students are on the roll of another school and attend for a short or trial period of time the student will be dual-registered at their current school and this academy.

In most cases, with the agreement of referring school, the Solihull Fair Access Panel and parents, students will transfer to Solihull Free School and be singly registered.
Should a student require a permanent exclusion from Solihull Academy extensive discussions with Solihull Local Authority will take place in order to place the student in an appropriate provision.

Students Supported by the School

The school will specialise in providing places for:

• Students who are showing a level of potential disengagement from mainstream provision.

Referral Arrangements

To acquire a place at the school, children will be referred by their current educational establishment or the local authority. All referrals will be considered by the Solihull Fair Access Panel using the appropriate referral form.


All students will be assessed as part of their induction. This will involve a 2-week induction process where assessments will take place to determine the best pathway for each student and to ensure the personalisation of the curriculum meets the individual needs of the student. This will involve a range of activities and will utilise where necessary outside agencies such as educational psychologists, behaviour specialists, and academic assessments.

The admission of students with special educational needs.

Students with a statement of special educational needs or education health and care plan naming the Academy will be admitted.


The following oversubscription criteria will apply when there are more referrals than places available,

In order of priority:


Students who are or were previously looked after by a Local Authority
(as defined by the Children Act 1989)


Children without a school place including children who have been permanently excluded.


Children in danger of harm if they remain in the current setting


Children who have received fixed term exclusions two or more times.

All referrals will be considered against the oversubscription criteria by the Solihull Fair Access Panel.

Where a place can be offered. Solihull Academy will write to the commissioner accepting the referral, including financial requirements, the support to be offered, a start date, the date by which the offer should be accepted and the address to which to respond.

Procedure Following an Offer

When offer letters are sent it is for the commissioner (school or local authority) to advise parents. If the commissioner fails to accept the place by the date set out in the letter, it will be assumed that the place is no longer required and the offer will be withdrawn.

Appeals against any refusal to accept a referral

The Commissioner of any child who is refused a place at the Academy has a right of appeal to the Fair Access Panel.

Equal Opportunities

The academy is committed to equal opportunities and admits students across the full spectrum of academic abilities. All students have equal access to the curriculum and there is a learning support programme for students with special needs.


This policy will be reviewed annually and any amended policy will be subject the arrangements set out in the Admissions Code.

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