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Reading is enriching, enhancing and life-affirming and it is our aim to build reading excellence at Solihull Academy. There is a strong evidence to prove the relationship between a school’s reading culture and student attainment. Reading can support all students to become keen, confident and capable in all areas of the curriculum and beyond.
All classrooms have additional reading material beyond subject specific texts and students are encouraged to read during end of the day circle time and when in pastoral settings. This will ensure that students are exposed to a wide range of genres, vocabulary and terminology that will benefit their Academy life and beyond. Our whole staff will support students in their understanding of key vocabulary and will teach them the reading skills needed to help them achieve success in that subject area.
All students have free access to an e-library which can be accessed on their smart phones or home computers.

We have a reading rewards system in place to encourage active reading at home and embrace reading in all forms whether this be books, magazines, newspaper articles, e-readers and audio books. We also welcome support from parents/carers to encourage our students to access a wide range of reading matter and improve their personal development.

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Reading Rewards Ladder

Reading Rewards Ladder

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