The Solihull Alternative Provision Academy provides a safe, well-ordered and caring learning environment which will deliver high-quality education to all its students.

We will support students to develop their individual potential for growth, self-worth and self-control through experiencing outstanding teaching, clear and consistent guidance and support.

The curriculum provides access to a range of accredited qualifications as well as educational and social experiences, which will address the learning and emotional needs of our students. We support every student to develop their true potential and make a positive contribution to their community, as they progress towards adult life.
The range of qualifications includes GCSEs in the core and key Progress 8 subjects and accredited recognised qualifications such as BTECs. A wider range of courses is accessed through the partnership with the network of schools, colleges and other partners. A broad and balanced curriculum offer is achieved by working in collaboration with partners such as other schools within Solihull, FE partners, Solihull College, businesses and Work Based Learning Providers

We are totally committed to preparing all students to achieve the core qualifications and skills which are vital for their future employment and post 16 options.

 Curriculum Model

Students are arranged into Year groups and group size = maximum 10 students.

At full capacity this generates 11 teaching groups in Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11. We have provided staffing for an additional group at year 10 and 11 for the Internal Option only to account for choice and smaller groups. All students follow a programme of study which will provide access to Progress 8 and will include English, Mathematics, Science, PSHE, Geography, PE and Internal and External Vocational Options.

Stand-alone vocational qualifications are delivered by accessing the expertise of local colleges and schools. Students are released one day a week to travel to our partner colleges or schools. Again, our main partner college, Solihull College, delivers a series of options which include Creative and Media, , Childcare, Business and Finance, Catering, Public Services and Health and Social Care (with Arden Academy delivering Level 1 and 2 Hair and Beauty). Again, all educational providers understand the health and safety of all students and staff underpins all that they do. Tight safeguarding procedures, adhering to national and local requirements, are embedded in all practice.

Subject/other activity (e.g. enrichment)

English Language and Literature


Single/Double/Triple or Applied Science


PSHE (including restorative practice and self-regulation)

Vocational  Option Level 1 (or 2) Year 10-11:  SOUTH AND CITY COLLEGE:

·         Child Care

·         Construction

·         Engineering

·         Motor Vehicle

Hair and Beauty (Level 1 and 2):  ARDEN ACADEMY

Employability, Leisure Studies and Motorcycle Maintenance:  RIGH TRAXX


Work Related Learning:  WORK N LEARN




Internal Option:


BTEC Creative Media Production

OCR Creative iMedia

BTEC Health and Social Care

BTEC Sport

Current Curriculum Model as of September 2020

Current School Day as of September 2020



9:00 -9:15

9:15 - 10:05






13:10- 13:25

13:25- 13:45



Check In

Breakfast club

Period 1

Period 2


Period 3

Period 4

Y9 break

Y9 form

Y9 lunch

Period 5

Check Out

Y10 form

Y10 lunch

Y10 break

Y11 lunch

Y11 break

Y11 form

Bespoke Inclusive Relational Therapeutic Aspirational