Creative Media

The Creative Media Department at Solihull Academy aims to provide a broad curriculum that covers a range of creative disciplines such as photography, graphic design, videography, and audio production.  The delivery is individualised to meet the needs and aspirations of students and the restorative approach uses a balance of practical and theory lessons which culminates in qualifications.  At KS3 students have the opportunity to complete a BTEC Level 1 in Digital Media and at KS4 students also have access to the OCR Level 1/ Level 2 Award/ Certificate in Creative iMedia.  Both courses prepare students for a variety of vocations, whether they're working in the creative media industry or managing the social media for their own businesses.  Ultimately, the department aims to help students to avoid exclusion, suspension or becoming NEET, and supports them in meeting or exceeding their baseline assessment and/or KS2 targets.

Media Yr 9

Media Yr 10

Media Yr 11

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